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Responsible Beverage Service Training - Why you need it.

  • Selling and serving alcohol is an exciting line of work. You make good money and make new friends But along with the fun and money, you have a big time legal responsibility.
  • When you sell and serve these powerful products, you will see the good side of most customers and you will see the wild and crazy ones too.
  • Most states have alcohol selling and serving liability laws (called Dram Shop Laws ) regulating when, where, and how alcohol can be sold. Everyone knows the strict laws that govern alcohol and minors, but many servers just don’t know how serious the alcohol laws are when patrons are  over-served.
  • After taking your Learn2Serve Responsible Beverage Service Course, you will be able to understand the alcohol laws of your state and know how to do your part in protecting your customers, your employer, and most of all yourself from legal trouble. 

Your Alcohol Seller Server Training is Specific for your State

  • Many states require that state specific information be included in the course and exam before it is accepted by the state
  • Our Learn2Serve courses and exams comply with the alcohol seller-server training requirements from your state. All other states use our standard training course which is the best available in the U.S..
  • When you choose your state from the drop-down menu, you will automatically be sent to the proper course needed for your state.

Here's what Happens after the Alcohol Seller Server Course and Exam

  • After choosing your home state from the menu, you will be transferred to the enrollment page to enroll and pay for the training
  • We will send you a confirmation email with your chosen username and password along with course and exam instructions
  • The Alcohol Seller Server Course is self-paced. However, once you start the exam you must finish it in one sitting
  • After you pass the exam, you can then print your Certificate of Completion (or the type of certificate your state requires)
  • Learn2Serve will send your course completion information to your state's proper authority as required

Why People Choose us for Responsible Beverage Service Training

  • State Approved

Your  Learn2Serve Alcohol Service Certification Course & Exam are approved  or accepted by your home state

  • Customer Service

We have free 24 Hour Live Customer Support for questions by phone     1(877) 881-2235

  • Trusted Brand

Learn2Serve and Dram Shop School -Online Parters Since 2003 -Courses taken by 1000’s of students

Responsible Beverage Service Course Topics

Alcohol laws dealing with minors • Laws concerning intoxicated persons • Why I need RBS Training  • Preventing Intoxication • Identifying minors •How to examine identification and spot fake ID • What to do when intervention attempts fail •Alcohol effects on the body • State alcohol law enforcement • Alcohol poisoning • Sexual assault drugs • Private clubs 

What does Dram Shop mean?

The word Dram comes from an old English measurement of alcohol. A business that sold these drams was called a Dram Shop. Dram Shop Act now means alcohol serving-selling liability laws.

That means in most states, including Texas, a bartender, server, store clerk, business owner, winery, etc. can be sued in Civil Court for the damages caused by an intoxicated customer.

The intent of these online courses is to protect business owners, employees, and the public by preventing the sale of alcohol to minors and intoxicated persons. To find out more about Dram Shop liability in your state Go Here


Dram Shop School started as a live alcohol seller server training business in Austin Texas.In 2003 we formed a partnership with 360training / Learn2Serve in order to offer online  TABC Certification in English and Spanish in Texas. BASSET Certification for Illinois, Responsible Beverage Service in Wisconsin, and alcohol seller server training nationwide. If you need OSHA or HAZWOPER safety taining, we have you covered there too at

Along the way, we added Learn2Serve Online Food Manager Certification and Food Handler Training through our partner website Our mission is to provide the highest quality lowest cost responsible alcohol seller server training, and food safety training possible. We sincerely thank you for choosing us for your training needs.
Thomas L. Conrad
President / CEO