TABC Certification Course and Exam Online

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Yes, both our Live TABC Certification (#137-137) and our Learn2Serve TABC Certification Online (#454-508) are Texas approved

You can be TABC certified at any age. However, you must be at least 18 to work at an on-premises business such as a bar or restaurant (NOTE: you can be younger than 18 if you are a cashier but you cannot take drink orders or serve the drinks) You must be 21 to work in a package liquor store.You can be younger than 18 to work in a store that just sells beer and wine.

The Texas alcoholic Beverage Commission does not recognize other states seller server training. Other state certificates do not transfer here.

No. TABC Certification is not mandatory in Texas however most employers require it

Yes it most cases you can be certified. Call TABC if you want to know for sure about your situation. 1(512)206-3420

Both TABC and Food Handler Certificates are valid for 2 years. 

No. You must retake both the TABC Course either live or online and pass the exam again

We report your training to the TABC and DSHS. We do not mail certificates. You may print your TABC and Food Handler Certificates on any printer you choose.

If you got it from Learn2Serve just log back in with the user name and password you used before. If you got it from another provider, you must contact them. if you got it from Dram Shop School live class, call Tom Conrad at 1 (512) 217-4539

Yes we do. You can use the Contact Form or call Tom at 1(512)217-4539

You may call TABC headquarters at 1 (512) 206-3420 or you can call Thomas Conrad at (512) 217-4539

Texas TABC Certificate

Learn2Serve TABC Certification OnlineTraining Course and Exam Now Only $10.99

TABC and Food Handler

Get both TABC Certification Training and ANSI-CFP Accredited Food Handler $16.99

TX Food Handler Certification

This Learn2Serve Course is ANSI Accredited and Texas Approved $7.00

TABC Program #454-508. By clicking Start Here, you will be redirected to the Learn2Serve website. As the provider of this course, Learn2Serve will ask for personally identifiable information required by TABC and is necessary to complete the TABC course and exam. Clicking Start Here will not charge you any fees. However, you can refuse to be transferred to Learn2Serve by choosing not to click Start Here.

Why Texans Choose us for a TABC Certificate Online

  • TABC Approved

This Learn2Serve TABC Certification Course & Exam are approved by the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission. Program #454-508

  • Customer Service

We have free 24 Hour Live Customer Support for questions by phone 1 (877) 881-2235

  • TABC & Food Handler

Save money & time on TABC and TDSHS approved – ANSI accredited Food Handlers Certificates


Dram Shop School was launched as a live alcohol seller server training business based in Austin Texas. We still travel to your location for group TABC Certification classes. In 2003 we formed a partnership with 360training / Learn2Serve in order to offer online  TABC Certification in English and Spanish in Texas. BASSET Certification for Illinois, Responsible Beverage Service in Wisconsin, and alcohol seller server training nationwide.

Along the way, we added Learn2Serve online Texas Food Manager Certification and food handler training through our sister website Our mission is to provide the highest quality lowest cost responsible alcohol seller server training, and food safety training possible. We sincerely thank you for choosing us for your training needs.
Thomas L. Conrad
President / CEO